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My name is Simona (aka simso or simonika) and this will be my blog! Mainly about my experience in Brno, Czech Republic, but also about astronomy, some geeky, need-to-see or funny things.

I come from a nice city called Timisoara, in Romania. I’ve been a member of AIESEC ONG from 2006, and this year I decided to go abroad for 3 months in the land of beer, Czech Republic.

As written before I have a big passion for Astronomy, am interest in computers, a big fan of Sci-Fi, like metal music and love beer.

I’m not very into blogging, but I needed this blog because of two things:

  1. As any other normal AIESECer that goes abroad I also feel the need to share my experience and, inevitably, I started a blog.
  2. I realized that my English is worst then I thought so, this is a good way for improving it.

Enough for now. I’m looking forward for 3 interesting months.

May the force be with you,


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